September 30, 2010

Birds on a string.

i don't see myself as a crafty person. creative? sometimes. artsy? sure. but the other night changed that perception (even if only momentarily). observe the finished product:
i made a mobile for the nursery! i've been wanting to do it for a while now, as the only mobile i could find that we loved was $60 and made of cardstock (no, thanks). and, aided by the lovely--and very crafty--hannah, this one came out even better!

a shout out must go to martha stewart. i never thought id actually be one for applauding her ideas, but she really nailed it. if i'd thought more about it, i would have done this during the day and documented it in pictures, but there are instructions that are just as good here.

i did decide to tweak it a bit, though. as the baby enjoying this is no girl, I opted out of the flowers and we just cut small light green leaves to cover the fishing wire. and since the base color scheme of the nursery is black and white (and the like), i went with gray and white for the birds. if you can't tell from the picture, three birds are solid gray and two are white with gray wings and tails.

he likes it.

in fact, i think it's safe to say he loves it. i'm pretty sure he fell asleep chatting with his new friends, and he woke up this morning to finish the conversation (this conversation included quite a few raspberries, as that is his newest form of communication).

this makes for one very, very happy mommy.


  1. oh my gosh, Ashley! I majorly love it! it looks really awesome!! you could totally make those and sell them or give them as baby gifts, no joke. i'm super impressed!!

  2. yay! it looks great hanging. we are super crafters. now, what to make next week................

  3. whoa whoa whoa. i want one. and i'm not even a kid.

    great job! it's amazing.


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