May 5, 2011


two weeks ago, we added a member to our family. meet Eames: a 9-week-old lab/golden/something[maybe shepherd?] mix.

why the name eames? well, charles and ray eames are two of our favorite designers. it seemed appropriate, since it didn't quite make the cut for baby names.

like i said, he's only 9 weeks. and, he's not little. we'll see how big this boy gets.

he and c are becoming fast friends--eames adored him from the start. though, being from a litter of six, he is trying to learn how to play with his brother-that's-not-a-puppy.


  1. He is just too much! He really looks like a lifelong friend for C. Puppy's are just the best...Ahh puppy breath :)

  2. Oh my what a cutie! Did you adopt? I am looking forward to our puppy interacting with a child one day. Dogs make the best big brothers. ;)


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