December 4, 2011

diy: christmas wreath.

when i opened the box full of christmas decorations this year, my wreath was the first thing to meet me. i had forgotten how much i loved it. i made it last year, and was excited to be able to enjoy it again this year. see how cute it is?

i've never considered myself a crafty person, so this was a triumph. perhaps that's why i love it so much. and, it was soo easy, way cheaper than any pre-made wreaths i had priced out, and matches our red and blue christmas theme.

because it's so cheap and easy, i wanted to share how i made it, in case you're in the market for a christmas wreath, too.

1. to my surprise, i was able to find everything i needed at target (save the glue gun, provided by the lovely hannah), and for a great price. since you're gluing big christmas balls onto it, you can buy one of the small, scrawny fake wreaths for just a few dollars. and they usually have tubes of fun ornaments in the dollar section.

2. once you have all of your supplies, spread out the greenery so that it's full and bushy looking (it will look a little flat in front, but that's okay).

3. use the hot glue gun to put glue on the top side of the ornaments, so the metal tops won't show. then, place the ornaments in a random order all around the wreath, putting pressure on them until they dry.

4. once the ornaments are securely in place, fluff the rest of the greenery to fill in between them. then hang it, and admire your lovely work. 

enjoy! and merry christmastime! love. 

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