December 14, 2011

my soul waits.

two days in, and we are still waiting.

there has been no real change in nick's status. he's been able to rest on and off, but the blockage is still there and is causing him a decent amount of pain and nausea.

i do want to clarify that this is something that just happens sometimes during the in-between time of the two procedures. so while it's not an actual complication, it's a "complication" that can arise while we wait for everything to heal.

we just spoke to the doctor, and he said that 99% of the time, the obstruction works its way out, and that nick is doing well.

please pray that this is will pass soon. we'll try to update once something changes, or we hear anything.
i wait for the lord, my soul waits,
and in his word i hope; 
my soul waits for the lord 
more than the watchmen for the morning. - psalm 130: 6


  1. love and prayers to you sister!! xo

  2. Sending you love, and positive vibes!!!!

  3. love you both and praying for you! Wish I was there! Love You!

  4. hey we are praying and thinking about you too


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