January 16, 2012

soups, stews & considering normality.

i've been attempting to get back to living my life. it's been harder than i thought. 

however, all this time spent resting has given me opportunity to think and reflect on what i want my life to look like and consist of. what things are important to me, and what i want to achieve. in light of this and the new year, i feel i have another chance to start fresh. to have purpose, to achieve, to grow, to be thankful. and one of the things i want my life to include is writing. and blogging. 

this may be an odd introduction to a post about stew, but this is an effort to do something, instead of putting things off and hoping for a later date, a calmer season to do. isn't it odd how often we put off the things we really want to do, and never do? instead, we get swept up in the busyness of life without stopping to catch our breath, reorient ourselves to remember what is really matters to us. i don't want this to be my normal.

and now ends the theoretical, and starts the practical. thanks for bearing with me. 

there are a few recipes that i've been wanting to share for awhile, so here i am, sharing them. with the cold weather periodically making an appearance, we've been in a soup/stew mood. if you like kale, this bean and chicken sausage stew (adapted from real simple) is a keeper:

this stew is ridiculously fast (only 15 minutes!) and easy. and so good. and good for you.

1 tablespoon evoo
1 package fully cooked chicken sausage (links or ground, your choice)
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 19-ounce can cannelloni beans, rinsed
1/2 box chicken broth (~14.5 oz)
14.5 ounce can diced tomatoes
1 big bunch kale leaves, torn into pieces
sea salt & fresh ground pepper
heat evoo in dutch oven over medium heat. add garlic. after 2 or so minutes, add & brown sausage. add beans, chicken broth and tomatoes (with liquid). bring to a boil. add the kale and salt & pepper. reduce heat and simmer until kale is wilted (no more than 5 minutes).

serve with french bread, and enjoy!

next up is a new staple in our home--crockpot loaded baked potato soup. in the meantime, i'd love to hear about some of your favorite soup & stew recipes. my menu plans have been lacking lately.

love. a.


  1. In keeping with your pre-stew theme, check out this free John Piper book, http://www.desiringgod.org/resource-library/online-books/amazing-grace-in-the-life-of-william-wilberforce. I've read it at least twice and am now reading Wilberforce's own book, "A Practical View of Christianity".

    Wilberforce is an interesting man because of how many times he faced defeat and failure as the world saw it...and yet he persevered, trusted God, and put his full JOY in God so that he remained joyful even when the circumstances appeared anything but. He was also very sensitive to the needs of others, and felt the sincere weight of the calling God had given him even though its fulfillment seemed utterly impossible. One of the most inspiring "dead guys" I've met in a long time. Now if only a live replica would come sweep me off my feet (or wheels, as the case my be)!

    Sarah Bosse

  2. I am trying this for dinner tonight!!


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