April 30, 2012

scenes from the weekend.

i hope you had a good weekend. ours was not so eventful, & that was nice.

for a little while, our house even looked like this.

i was also struck by how quickly our little man seems to be growing up. & growing into his own, sweet, helpful self.

snacking on leftover pasta after helping mommy put away leftovers (which he did almost all by himself).
creepin'. because that's just how he rolls.

we're getting ready for our trip up north. which means i'm getting a little list crazy.

apparently, so is he.

did you do anything fun this weekend?



  1. aw cute pics! Love him with the cat by his side
    are you going on a little vaca? Sound wonderful!
    Glad you had a chill weekend, that can be so nice from time to time!

  2. ohhh such a cute baby boy ♥ the photos are awsome!


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