May 15, 2012

belated mother's day.

i hope all you lovely mamas out there had a wonderful mother's day.

we finally were able to celebrate this evening. although it was quiet & mostly uneventful, it was pretty perfect. it was especially sweet just being together (the three of us) after not having the little one around this weekend.

this past week, i've realized how tired i am. i know i've been exhausted for a long time but i feel like this week the past year has caught up with me. emotionally, especially.

but god is so kind in his mercy to me, that even when i feel stretched too thin to care for & appreciate my family (or start to feel sorry for myself), he gives me moments where i can't help but just savor just how blessed i am.

tonight was one of those nights.

this happened while i was doing the dishes. i didn't even realize what he was doing. he was pretty pleased with his new fort (empty cabinet).
sushi is good for the my soul.
yep. this is half of a cake. thankfully, it was a small cake. my man knows the way to my heart.
my mother's day flowers!
they are perfect.
i can't imagine life without our little boy. he is the sweetest, cutest & most precious little that i've ever met. we are better because of him. i still can't believe that i have the privilege to be this child's mother. it blows my mind. & makes my heart spill over with joy.

oh c., mama loves you so.



  1. So sweet.
    Our kitchen floors match...hahaha!

  2. Aw, Ash!! :)
    This post made me smile from ear to ear.
    I am also loving his fort. ;)
    ttys, friend!
    much love.

  3. Sweet moments. I love your mothers day flowers & the sushi. I have a sushi date of my own in about an hour :)


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