May 30, 2012

a bit caught up.

recently, i've felt a slight battle in my soul. i've gotten caught up by the allure of blogging.

what i mean is, as i've come across so many vintage-dwelling, crafty, fashionable, witty, lovely bloggers, i've started to find myself discontent. i've started wanting what they have, including the number of followers, sponsors, and the like.

with it, i've found myself comparing this blog, and my life, to theirs (or what i perceive it to be). and, i've found mine wanting. but today i realized that this is what happens when comparisons are drawn. when desire trumps the calling of god on your life.

comparison is nothing new for me. and i've just found another medium to practice it.

so, i asked myself. why am i really here?

i'm here because i feel called to write. to share my heart on these pages, and have it beat furiously when i hit the publish button, knowing that a bit of my soul has been laid bare.

i'm here because i want to share this life that god has blessed me with. and the message of this life to be clear. that my heart is for god. my hope is that my words will encourage others, and that my life to point them to the joy i have found.

to do this well, i must be content where the lord has called me for this season.

there are plenty of blogs out there with numerous followers that cling to every word and photo they post. and, i'm glad for them. and maybe one day that will be the fate of this little blog. but that's not what god has for today.

today, my words are meant only for you. to encourage you. to remind you that you are not alone. and that you have one more friend, in me. and that is a high calling.

and, well, to share with you a few more photos of a little boy that, given the chance, would quickly become your best friend.

in this, i must learn to be content. i must decrease. he must increase.
"Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him." - 1 Corinthians 7:17a
so, dear friends, please bear with me as i find my place in these wide webs of internet. as i swing from lots of words not not very many. as i try my hand at numerous topics, hoping to find a few good fits. as i learn what the lord is calling me to in this stage of my life, and how to live that out.

and to not only be content in the process, but to embrace it.



  1. we will bear with you because the bible tells us to bear one another's burdens, and you are so not alone! I wrote a post a few months back about almost quitting my blog. it was eating me alive, with similar feelings that you have. And God spoke to me, telling me that I am ME. I am who HE CREATED ME TO BE. Not her, not you, not him, not her, not her, not her. Just ME. And someone that is continually dying to the flesh, and letting the spirit come in and take over and crush that discontentment and envy. God told me I have something to offer, it's not THAT or THAT, but it's THIS. There IS a place for me, and for you. For all OF US! My suggestion is you find your GIFT. What would God USE you for? What have you been told you are good at? How can you build God's Kingdom? These are all the right questions to ask. It's what I'm asking.

    Once I realized I DO have something to offer, and that I have a voice, it didn't matter anymore what kind of camera I owned, WHO CARES! Or if I could do this craft or sew or bake or cook! It's all irrelevant, God wants our HEARTS! Yes those things I mentioned and you mentioned are fine and good and can be used for God's glory but they aren't crucial and they aren't most important. We need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and on the PRIZE. This is all dust anyway, including our blogs!

    Glad you are seeking and sharing, thank you, sorry for the ramble bamble!!!


    1. thank you, friend. these are such good thoughts.

      oh, and don't worry, i love your rambles. ♥

  2. Oh I just love you. It's like I was reading my own thoughts! I struggle with so many of the same things. I constantly feel like I have no idea what my niche is in blogging and that I don't have anything new to offer. And the envy, I totally feel you there. It's a daily battle for me. The followers, the comments, the talent. Ugh.

    I feel you on the need to write. And to share God, though I haven't done as much of that lately (oops). I feel like we're in such a similar place. And you may not have tens of thousands hanging on every word, but your blog is one of the firsts I read! There aren't many honest, vulnerable, Jesus loving writers like you.

    1. you are the sweetest. i''m so glad we found each other.

      here's to simply being thankful & being real. ♥

  3. Very encouraging post! Thanks for writing it!

  4. I feel the same way so often, and I would guess so do most bloggers. It's really been humbling and convicting how often I find myself comparing to others. But you should always remember two things- that they probably aren't sharing the entire story (even if they strive to do so), and that you are a beautiful writer whose posts are some I most look forward to reading.

  5. Your words are kind and stunning. Thanks. I needed them today.

    1. oh, thank you. and you are so welcome!


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