October 1, 2012

where i've been (and a call for help).

Honestly, I have no idea.

Somehow a whole month went by since my last post and I can't even tell you where it went. Life has gotten busy and seems to be only getting busier.

Nick is settling in at his new job, Coen is busy growing up (and wearing me out), and this baby girl is doing the same. But this new normal, while it's taking some time to get used to, is a blessing.

Though I must to admit, it's definitely left me struggling in my time management, scheduling and priorities.

I at least managed to take a few photos. That's something, right?

face twins 
hanging at the dr.'s office

a normal bath time

I want to do better. And I know it's possible, so I'd love some advice. Any advice really that might help get this life of ours in a bit better order. I've been trying to get my meal planning back in swing, too, so any easy, healthy recipes would be much appreciated.

I'm beginning to realize that this baby girl is going to be here before we know it (I'm 20 weeks already!). So now's the time to get planning.

baby bump: 16 weeks? 

I'm also counting on the fact that the more I get things in order, I'll be able to blog more. Because I sure do miss you guys.



  1. You are not alone :) I think we all hit that point where we realize that it takes more energy and effort than we can give to have a spotless house. Yeah, that year of a 2yr old + pregnant, then a newborn was hard on the house. I came to accept the fact that it was not reasonable for me to plan more than one task for each day. So..I plan 1 chore per day and work all day on that one thing. If have left over time (and energy!) I'll work on something else I've been wanting to catch up on or that is screaming at me to be cleaned. My goals are to
    1. Set a plan at the beginning of the week, 2. Make sure I've spent at least 45 minutes each day cleaning plus 3. Spend 15 minutes de-cluttering one surface (dresser, shelf, table, room). These goals are my way of making sure I'm not being lazy :) I really do not enjoy cleaning so I needed the measurable time limit to make me stick to it. Even though there is something always messy, this has helped me to reasonable keep up with things. It takes a lot of resolve and prayer for diligence for me to stick to this schedule that seems oh so simple.

    With meals, it really helps to only cook a new meal every other day. I make enough on one day for two meals and we'll have leftovers the following day. That way I have the time I would have spent cooking to do other things like cleaning up the kitchen from the previous day or catching up on a few emails, or working on a craft project, etc...

    That's how we've managed to stay sane! But really, I do have to make a mental note to not be discouraged by how little I really am able to keep up with. It's humbling that my house looks very lived in, all the time. But it's a season that will pass once the kids get older and able to help out. I have to resolve that a cluttered house will not rob me of joy at the end of the day or tempt me to feel condemned by all I wanted to do but didn't get done.

    I'd offer to come help but...I'm in that season too :D. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you though as we both muddle through the daily grind.

    Love you,

    P.S. Here is another idea of mixing weekly and fortnightly tasks: http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/2012/09/cleaning-your-home-in-30-minutes-per-day.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+PassionateHomemaking+%28Passionate+Homemaking%29.

    P.S.S Luke begged me to put in fortnightly. Hehe. I think we used it correctly.

    1. this is awesome. thanks so much! ♥

    2. You're welcome! And next time you start to feel overwhelmed by a messy kitchen I'll send you a picture of my house and we can sigh together :D. Hehe.

  2. So glad and happy to see you again!!! I'm glad all is well, and I know how that can be to struggle to find a rhythm, but I think first realizing that there is no smoothly perfectly run days. Accepting that there is chaos--does that make sense? Sometimes I set myself up for "failure" because I think my day should look a certain way when really it shouldn't...i'm so hard on myself.

    Do you make lists? I think getting meals picked out each week that you want to make and then make a grocery list for what you need for the meals is helpful.
    I also think planning certain days for certain things. If I plan to take my car in for an oil change on A CERTAIN DAY, and it's on the calendar and part of a plan, I will do it. IF I just say to myself "i've gotta get the car in" it's not gonna happen:/
    So planning certain days for certain things helps me.

    Be gentle with yourself and take it easy, it's OK if you aren't super organized and on top of things right now, we all go through seasons of change, and we all go through dry periods...


    1. this is helpful for sure. i'm definitely a list maker, but i put too much pressure on myself to make my lists perfect. hahaha. i need to work on that.

      thanks so much for your advice friend! ♥


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