March 12, 2013

a little bit of lately.

not too much has gone on except for adjusting and recovering, but here's a bit of our life over the past two weeks.
somebody's in love.
she loves her daddy.
first outing with mommy & daddy: doctor & target.
boy errands.
painting with aunt lydia.
she's spoiled already.
this. face.
norah is doing so well, and is such a sweet addition to our little family. while it's had it's challenges, this has been a sweet season of learning how to live as a family of four.

and my heart is overflowing.


  1. Oh Ashley she looks just like you! What a sweetheart!!

  2. Had to smile at your first outing. Ethan's was also to the doctor and Target with Mommy and Daddy. Love the pictures and look forward to meeting Norah soon!


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