April 2, 2013

life with two.

you guys, a week ago little miss turned one month old. one month.

norah is the sweetest little thing. she loves to be held and to cuddle, which we're thoroughly enjoying. she loves to eat--she was eleven pounds at her last checkup. yes. eleven. and she makes the most adorable noises ever.

oh, and she loves her daddy.

coen loves his little sister. she's one of the first things he asks for in the morning, and throughout the day he pats her face so gently and gives her a kiss.

it melts my heart.

it's been a sweet time of adjustment. a hard, sleepless one. but sweet.

honestly, life with two little ones has been hard. a lot harder than i had anticipated. recovering from having norah took longer than i expected--the first three weeks were a constant reminder of my weakness. so many times, i felt useless, lazy and discouraged.

it's been a season of more learning. learning to lean--to rely on others, and to ask for help, even when you think you shouldn't be needing any. and learning to pray even more earnestly for strength. i'm sure it will take some time before we're completely acclimated with this new life of ours. but i'm stretching, and growing. and oh, how worth it this is.

there are so many times during the day when i pause and think, is this really my life? are these sweet babies actually mine? 

and in this time, when i've so keenly felt my physical limitations in this fragile human state, i've been reminded how beautiful it is to be broken. how God so often uses hardship to bring about some of the sweetest times and most astounding miracles. and so, we can learn to embrace our weakness, and see the beauty that comes from it.

because, these two little children of mine are far beyond what i could have ever hoped for.


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