May 21, 2013

on death & hope.

there are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind 
- c.s. lewis
recently, some of the people dearest to my heart lost someone that was dearest to theirs. 
an anchor. 
a father. 
a friend.

just days within the anniversary of when i lost mine. making the memory even fresher.
oh, how my heart ached for them.
and how it still aches.

still, i've struggled to find the words to say.

i've come up wanting. so wanting.
so wordless.

instead, all i could do was pray.

these past few weeks, i've been thinking a lot about death.

not in a morbid sense--it's just the more life I live, the more fragile it seems. like if i stretched my fingers high enough, up on the tips of my toes, i could touch heaven.

it's true, i think. 
that this life of ours is fragile.

like tissue paper in the breeze.

on mother's day, our pastor took a detour from our scheduled passage and preached on proverbs 31:25b.

"she laughs at the time to come."

she laughs.
she laughs at the unknown.
she laughs at death.
she laughs.

it was such a good and timely reminder, after finding myself at times conflicted over the prior weeks. a reminder to count the joy in today, and look to the future brightly. confidently.

because if there is loss--no, when there is loss. when there is grief. there is hope.

hope of a life fully lived.
hope of the pain of this life finally at ease.
hope of a life ahead.

better than anything we have come to know here.

dear friends, this life is beautiful.
but thin.

so breathe it in. 
because, it's just an echo of what's to come.


*photo by nick schlax

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