July 15, 2013

meals for the week: volume 1.

so i'm trying a new thing. i hope you like it.

i'm going to be posting my menu plan for the week [hopefully] every monday. i've been struggling to get it together with my meal planning, and so my hope is that this will lend just enough accountability for me to plan thoroughly, and well.

and if you guys respond, comment and share recipe recommendations, that will be even better.

you might notice that there are some types of food missing from my menus. for a few months now, i've been omitting tomatoes from my cooking almost completely, since they tend to bother nick's stomach. this, my friends, has been a challenge, because up to this point, i'd say that at least 75% of my cooking involved some sort of tomato. ha.

and, just to give myself a bigger challenge to try to help nick's health a little more (don't worry though, he's doing great!), this week i've started cutting bread and grain products as well (besides rice and oats. oats is a grain, right?). so, i'm going sort-of-paleo-but-not-really-and-without-the-tomatoes. in other words, i'd like to follow the ideas of Nourishing Traditions a little more closely, but i know i don't have time to sprout and knead and bake and ferment and harvest, and this is the best i could come up with without losing my mind.

i'll try to post pictures and recipes along with the weekly posts. i can't promise grandeur, but it will be something.

so, friends, join me in this journey?

meals :: 7/15-7/21

monday: peppered turkey bacon & cheddar burgers (no buns), sweet potato fries, veggie
tuesday: loaded baked potatoes (w/leftover bacon), sautéed zucchini
wednesday: slow cooker roast chicken, sweet potatoes, leftover veggies
thursday: chicken (leftover chicken) stir fry & rice
friday: tilapia fish taco bowls
saturday: no idea.
sunday: really no idea.

breakfasts: blueberry crisp, egg muffins, yogurt, fruit
lunches: leftovers, salads, tuna salad, lunchmeat rollups, veggies and homemade ranch
snacks: almonds, trail mix, seaweed, fruit, yogurt, these things

okay, so it's not perfect. but it's a start! if you have any recipes to share, please do. happy planning!



  1. Well, if you haven't made the asian short ribs you told me about you should do that Saturday/leftovers on Sunday. It was good as ribs, it was REALLY good with a roast. We're not really big ribs people we've discovered! I also added in some collards with the cabbage because I had gotten some for $0.30 not knowing what they were and needed something to use them in :D. (http://pinterest.com/pin/231372499578642620/)

    1. yes! i mean, no i haven't, but that's a great idea. thanks, friend. :)

  2. Ah! We came to your house and brought pizza! Grains & tomatoes :( I'm sorry - if I had known, I would have gladly brought something else.

    1. it's ok! it was fine. we hadn't totally started yet. and, i mean, he ate FIVE pieces. he obviously enjoyed it. :)

  3. This is great- I need ideas so badly! Either that, or I just need you to come cook for us. :)


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