August 12, 2013

meals for the week: vol. 5

i'm pretty sure i can just say "ditto" to all the things of last week's post. 

so, i will (new recipe coming soon, i hope).

also, have you noticed i've gotten into a bit of a rut with my meals? yes, many have just had to keep carrying over from not getting to them, but there are quite a few repeats as well. any suggestion for me? i'm all ears. :)

meals :: 8/12-8/18
mondaychicken stir-fry
tuesday: korean beef bowls (with rice noodles)
wednesday: farmhouse beef & bacon stew (slow cooker)
thursday: chicken curry and rice
friday: fish tacos, guacamole & chips
saturday: shepherd's pie
sunday: chicken, bacon & green beans (modified for slow cooker)

breakfasts: yogurt and granola, fruit, cliff & luna bars, berry crisp, egg muffins, smoothies
lunches: veggies & homemade ranch, tuna salads, leftovers, baked potatoes (loaded/leftovers)
snacks: seaweed, veggies & homemade ranch, cheese sticks, cinnamon almonds, fruit, popcorn

hope you have a great week!


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