November 11, 2013

little bits of lately.

I haven't taken as many pictures lately (these kids barely sit still), but I have managed to capture a few moments here and there. I've been challenged the last few weeks by the idea of living more and documenting less. I still want to strive to have an ever-open eye ready to see beauty in the little things of the day and catch them. but I've started to notice how much time I spend checking my phone, iPad, and/or laptop. and how much of it is checking on things that don't matter. and it weighs on me. 

especially with these sweet little people living and breathing right here, right in front of me. 

but I'm learning that it's a hard habit to break. and so, I'm adding one more thing I need to grow in to the list. 


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  1. I wish I had my phone less and my camera more. But I try to go easy on myself.


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