November 18, 2013

meals: vol. 14 (a new start).

today marks the first day of our new life (when it comes to eating).

we are going paleo. 

it's something that we've been discussing for awhile now, and something i've been hoping to try for over a year. not for my own health (though i know i'm going to benefit from being more purposeful in eating whole, healthy foods), but for nick's.

the paleo diet has had much success in the auto-immune disease circles, specifically those that have gut health issues. and so, here we are. giving it all that we've got and will be for the next year or so (unless we see much improvement, and then it will be indefinite). personally, the story of danielle walker from against all grain, has left us particularly inspired. reading her story with illness was like reading our own journey with nick's.

so, what does this mean for this blog?
well, it means that you will probably see a good bit more about food. 

i will try my best to not be obnoxious about it, and this is definitely not going to become a food blog. but there will be more on the topic, because this blog is about real life, every season of it. and this season is going to be a little bit more about what we eat.

also, i want to share all that i'm learning about how to implement this diet into our everyday lives. the practical, the planning, the outcome. the successes and the failures. also, even if paleo isn't your thing, i hope you'll stick around. i'm hoping to integrate this new lifestyle into our existing one, including working to create food (with the help of many that have gone before me) that would be exiting for anyone to eat, regardless of diet restrictions.

so, let's do this.

menu for 11/18-11/24
monday: out for dinner
tuesday: pan fried chicken breasts, loaded sweet potatoes, salad
wednesday: slow cooker beef stir fry
thursday: salmon, sweet potatoes, asparagus
friday: chicken sausages and veggie saut√© 
saturday: breakfast for dinner (paleo pancakes)
sunday: soup or stew?

breakfasts: egg muffins, larabars, wheat-free waffles (for coen), fruit, sun butter and bananas, smoothies
lunches: salads, lunchmeat roll ups, carrots and cucumbers (hopefully i'll get to make a paleo ranch!), hot dogs, leftovers, snacks
snacks: beef jerky, dried fruit, seaweed, dried pea snacks, fruit, cashews and almonds, cheese sticks (coen)


  1. I was JUST talking to my mom about going back on a more paleo diet around here. We think dairy and gluten is giving my youngest some issues, and paleo keeps popping back in my head. Anyways, good luck with this. I am excited to follow along and get some inspiration :)

  2. i look forward to the posts! im actually pretty interested in going paleo!


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