November 25, 2013

meals: vol. 15

my first homemade dressing--recipe below!

it's that time again!

today is officially one week since we went paleo. and honestly, while it's hard in some regards, i'm really enjoying it.

my almond and coconut flours are coming in this week, and i'm excited to get to try out some muffins and quick breads. last night i made drop biscuits with what i had on hand (a few different nut meals and a little this and that) and they weren't terrible! :)

have any good recipes you'd like to share? i'd love to hear them!

menu for 11/25-12/1
monday: sausage spaghetti squash "pasta"bake (with spinach & arugula instead of kale, i think)
tuesday: leftovers
wednesday: slow cooker chuck roast with mushrooms, carrots and turnips (and thanksgiving prep)

thursday: tons of yummy paleo things (happy thanksgiving!)
salmon, sweet potatoes, asparagus 
saturday: scrambled eggs with veggies, bacon, cashew flour waffles
sunday: thanksgiving in a pot soup (with all the leftovers)

breakfasts: egg & bacon muffin cups, larabars, wheat-free waffles (for coen), fruit, sun butter and bananas, smoothies
lunches: salads, lunchmeat roll ups, carrots and cucumbers with goddess dressing, hot dogs, leftovers, snacks
snacks: beef jerky, dried fruit, seaweed, dried pea snacks (c), fruit, nuts, cheese sticks (c), larabars

and here's the salad dressing recipe:

maple mustard salad dressing (paleo)
serves one
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. dijon mustard
1 tbsp. maple syrup
a dash of pepper

mix all ingredients together in a small bowl, and pour over salad. easy peasy!

happy planning, and a very happy thanksgiving!


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