September 2, 2014

the next (rental) chapter.

this weekend we moved. it happened fast, and not without its share of stress. but we made it, and are settling into a townhouse that is significantly bigger than our last home.

the home we spent four years in.
the home we brought our daughter home to.
the only home our children remember.
the home that saw us through the toughest and sweetest, thinnest and fullest, most sorrowful and joyous times of our lives.

it wasn't perfect, and i'd be lying if i said it was my dream house. there were definitely seasons that found me feeling discontent so many things--the lack of yard or space or carpet in the dining room (who does that, anyway?). but through it all, i learned so much about contentment in being where we are for the seasons we are called to dwell there. and it was just what we needed, in those years of little means and a lot of faith. and looking back, i'm thankful for it and even feel a little sad to leave it. just a little, but sad nonetheless.

because we changed and grew and saw God work immensely in our lives within those four walls, for those four years. so as we see that chapter of dwelling come to a close, we are looking to the next one with excitement, and expectancy.

we are here. starting a new journey in a blank canvas of glorious sunlight and hardwoods. ready for us to fill it to the top with new memories of living and loving and dwelling.

so far, it's going so well. the kids absolutely love it and play and sleep better here than the old house already, and i pretty much burst with excitement every few minutes when i just stop to look around.

we are thankful.
it's good to be home.
(more pictures coming soon.)


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