March 3, 2015

the two year old & the fairy party.

on her birthday, i wrote these few words:
t w o. two years ago, we were welcoming her into the world. relieved and overwhelmed by the blessing of our sweet baby that was such a gift after loss. in these two years, she has stretched my heart wide open and made such an impact on our family. her brother adores her, her daddy is smitten with her crazy, and her mama is so proud and thankful. every day with this beauty and her crazy eyes is such a gift. we are humbled to be entrusted with such a precious little heart. here's to many more birthdays with this sweet girl of ours. // also? I'd say she had a good day.
there is so much more i could say about this girl. she has brought joy to our lives in countless ways, and we are constantly amazed at her little person.

of course, we had sushi for her birthday because it's her favorite.
over the weekend, we had a fairy party to celebrate.

because it wouldn't have been complete without a few fairy wings and a little bit of sparkle.
love (& pixie dust).

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