December 30, 2015

his first story.

the other day during nap time, i let coen stay up with me while i worked on a quick project for the dining room. as i started writing on the large piece of paper, coen asked if he could as well, with the same sort of marker i was using.

i almost said no, because of the extra fuss and mess. but thankfully, i said yes.
i'm learning how to say yes more, and lean into the mess and fuss.
because, goodness, how they bloom through it.

and so, he started "writing" a story. he asked once how to spell norah's name, and he wrote it himself, along with his own.

when he finished, he told me his story.

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Coen. 
And he had a sister named Norah. 
One day, Norah and Coen went on an adventure, 
looking for dragons dead and alive. 
The End.

watching his imagination develop and grow has been such a gift. 
i can't wait to hear more.


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