November 2, 2010

Update: The little things.

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've had this one waiting to be written for a while, but it seems not as much gets done around here when you have a teething baby.

I did want to show you all what we got a few weeks ago, thanks to the generosity of my mom (and I am so excited about them):

A lovely set of 12 bumGenius 3.0 one-size pocket cloth diapers! And, I love them. They're just about as easy as disposables to change (which makes for one happy daddy), but they're reusable and have already saved us a bunch of money. Guess who else likes them?

This guy. What a good little supervisor. In other news, a few weeks ago he started doing this (!):

If you can't tell, that means he's rolling over like a big boy. He's getting really good at it, too. Though, after a while, he starts to look more like this...

We're working on it.


  1. I love cloth too! I made a big set for Jacob before he was born. Now he is to big for them and I still have not started to make the larger size, which I have all the materials for. I decided to start potty training instead.
    Here's to practicality, hope it sticks.

  2. LOVEEEEE the pictures!! BG's are as easy as disposables to put on!


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