January 19, 2011

To make up for lost time.

I'm sorry I've been so bad at posting. If I thought making resolutions would stick, one would definitely be to post more often. However, I know they don't and instead I'm simply going to work on growing in diligence this year. Hopefully this will result in more blog posts. Thanks for encouraging me to post more often, even if it's by way of guilt-inducing emails (you know you who are. this one is for you, with love.). :)
we love our crazy-eyed boy. and, apparently, he's crazy about the iPhone.
this boy is serious about eating.
a rare moment--c usually doesn't sleep when there are people to play with.
date night with mommy. he watched some of pride & prejudice before he went to bed. he loved the music, at least.

sicky boy still smiles.
christmas morning was exciting. he loved his toys, but was particularly interested in his new pajamas. 
merry christmas from grandpa & grandma arnold! c loves his walker, and is almost moving forward. haha.
a typical shot of the living room after c has been playing for about five minutes.
according to his daddy, this is c practicing for his future lead role in a conspiracy-thriller.

And as an added bonus, there's even a video. Enjoy!


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