March 4, 2011

hidden arts.

for those of you homemakers who haven't read it, i say stop what you're doing and go find yourself a copy of this
ok, well maybe my urging is a bit extreme, but not really.

suggested to me a few years ago by my dear friend Bethany, this book has been such an inspiration and an encouragement in the way of tending to my home. perhaps it's because Edith Schaeffer is a kindred spirit of mine when it comes to loving the arts, or simply because her passion for demonstrating the creativity of God is so great.

i read this book about a year ago, but as i find myself sometimes feeling rather dreary at the thought of all my housework, it's high time i delve into it again. and, i've decided that i'm going to chronicle my application of the subjects for you all. whoever you may be, if there are any at all. :)

first up (after a summation of the point of the book), is music. expect something soon. here goes nothing...

love, a.

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  1. I have to say her summation of the book is one of my favorite parts. After too many circular discussions in college trying to answer "what is art?", I find her description very refreshing!

    I look forward to your chronicles, maybe I will join you in trying to apply some of the subjects :)


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