March 5, 2011


since i [used to] write poetry, i've decided to resurrect some from my old blog and start posting them, so that maybe i'll be inspired once again to write more fervently. and maybe just inspire a few more people along the way.

to my Grandmother, whom I miss dearly

Tell her that I’m blue and lonely, dreamy Carolina moon

A phone call last week
Produced from you a memory–
A sweet melody from you mother,
From Dean Martin.

Carolina moon keep shining, shining on the one who waits for me

I sang to you, in the shower
On February 12, 2007.
Outside the sparrows called
For a reunion across four state lines.

Carolina moon I’m pining, pining for the place I long to be

I dreamt of a funeral I visited
Last month.
So close, so cold like I could
Touch her face. A clean canvas

How I’m hoping tonight you go, go to the right window

Stands in my bedroom
Corner, deprived. The phone sits

Scatter your light, say I’m alright please, please do

O my dear one, I fear
This final thread of sanity will
Slice itself, upon hearing tones
Across phone lines of your joyful voice

Masking a tearful shake.

Tell her that I’m blue and oh so lonely
Dreamy Carolina moon


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