March 15, 2011

Hidden Arts: Music

well, it's been much longer than i anticipated in between posts. but, at least i've had a decent amount of time to apply the first art to our life at home.

we love music. it's always been a huge part of my life, and i can get pretty passionate about it. but recently, i've found myself not listening to much music at all. i tend to have NPR on in the car, and usually forget that i can play music at home--where i spend most of my time.

thanks to this helpful little challenge, i've been much more aware of moments when i can put on an album for my family to enjoy. it's been such a delight! C. loves all music, but when it comes to one with a steady beat, he likes to dance.

to think that i wouldn't have this video to share with you all if i didn't think to give my family the gift of music is just a shame. you'll see what i mean shortly. :)

i'd like to leave you with this, from our lovely mrs. schaeffer:

"christian homes should not be places where nothing but a bit of sentimental or romantic music is heard, but places where there is the greatest variety of good music, so that natural talent may find the necessary spark to set it on fire."

also, i'm super excited about getting to the next art. stay tuned for: painting, sketching and sculpturing.

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