March 16, 2011

A bit of our life, and a shameless plea for attention.

good afternoon, world [wide web]. is that even a term anymore?

i thought i'd take a moment to update on our lives. well, specifically the life of one little boy and his struggle with a tooth. two teeth, really. he's already got these:

and now, he's working on the top two. actually, maybe top four. the poor little man has had a rough time. but, he's still smiling, like always. i'll post a picture of his successes whenever they actually happen.

also, thank you for all the advice regarding my yogurt failures and other random food thoughts. i'm just about done with my third attempt at homemade yogurt. yes, third. the second try went even worse. in my head, i know how simple it is. and i follow the instructions to the letter, so i'm not sure what's going wrong. except, i think the second time around it wasn't insulated enough. oh well, we'll see how this goes. and if it doesn't, i think i'm going to have to just throw in the towel (yogurt-making pun intended) and splurge on organic store-bought yogurt.

on another note, cooking healthier and repurposing food has been going very well. i made chicken stock all by myself (yes, i know how simple this is, but i'm still excited that i actually planned it and followed through), and have been feeding my family wholesome foods. hurray! i made this for dinner last night (not one of the healthiest meals we've had, but still not bad. haha):

and my menu planning and follow through has been going well, too! so, overall win in this department, though i still have a long way to go to transition over to all whole and raw foods. speaking of that, i so very want this:

happy birthday to me?

and now for my shameless plea. i know i'm not the most faithful blogger, but i would like to think someone reads my blog. and there have been many of you friends that have posted at one time or another. but recently, i've been getting super excited when i receive notifications that someone posted on my blog, only to find post after post of sad, ridiculous and sometimes slightly offensive spammers. :(

so, would you send me a little love? :)

love, a.

ps. here's a link to my first article as the Durham Neighborhoods Writer for!


  1. love. :) Also, check your library for Nourishing Traditions. That's where I read is very helpful, I think, but somewhat militant. Being married to a researcher, I have to check and doublecheck everything to satisfy him. Some things have held up. Some things haven't. Some things Vance is skeptical about, but he let's me do it anyway (raw milk) ;).

  2. Love reading your attempts at living a wholesome life, both in food and spirit...

  3. We too are working on those EVIL top teeth. That's why we get teeth as baby's- Because as adults we would jump off a building!!!!

    Much love to you, N and C <3 <3 <3

  4. Oh I have an awesome pizza dough recipe if you're interested. Not that what you made doesn't look delicious as well. Tofer and I found this super cool way of cooking it too that makes it like a brick oven pizza.

  5. I read your blog, Ashley!!! I see the notices come up on FB and I totally click on them to see what God has been doing with you and your family! :o) Don't let spammers get you down!!

  6. Hey Ashley,

    I read your blog post too. Atleast whenever we have internet!! Now it looks like we have got our Mexican internet and it works great !! (so far) So I am so excited to hopefully keep up a little better. We love you guys so so much !! And we miss you. I love to read anything and everything about your lives. So keep it going. And I especially love pictures. I am glad to hear that it is going well with cooking healthy. You will have to teach me now!

    :) love you

  7. Oh. PS this picture is adorable!!!

  8. Reading!
    You make me proud, Mrs. Schlax. Love you.

  9. Ashley, I found your blog through FB and enjoy a peek into real life at the Schlax home. Your writing is fun to read, too:) Just wanted to send you the little love you needed!

  10. Hey,
    You're too funny. I am curious about the yogurt trials. I am almost done reading Real Food for Mother and Baby and am really enjoying it! Sounds similar to your book, maybe. Well looks like readers are out there (besides the crazy spammers!) so keep writing :)

  11. Sending tons of love your way <3

    The pizza looks amazing!

    Thanks for sharing the picture of C and his teeth - love that little guy!


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