January 24, 2012

our home [part one].

this is long overdue. and, well, long.

i've had plans to show you all our home since we moved in--a mere fifteen[!] months ago. while we've gotten pretty well settled, i have quite a few more plans & projects for our little home. and i thought that bringing you along on the ride might be fun. and possibly motivating. and that's a good thing.

alright. here it is. and please excuse the not-so-amazing quality of my photo taking. i'm learning. :)

here is the view of the living room from the front door. well, near the door.
possibly one of my favorite views of the house.
and here's the dining room from the front door. 
my winter centerpiece. from ikea, with love.
the sweet corner of our dining room, where tycho lounges while we eat.
my husband made this for me. because he's talented. 
a view of our kitchen from the dining room. 
my coffee station and meal plans. two very important things.
yep. i'm keeping it real for you guys.
view from the kitchen door. death valley view courtesy of my talented man. 
down the hallway we go.
our guest bathroom. even bigger in person. i know. it's crazy. 
it took me a long time to find & put together this arrangement. so, it deserves it's own photo.
here's a sneak peek at part two. i just have to clean it up first.
well, there's our house. half of it at least. hope you enjoyed it!



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