January 25, 2012

things to be thankful for [today].

i live a blessed little life.

in the midst of trials & hardships that seem to last indefinitely, i've found myself wanting for joy in our circumstances. more times than i'd like to admit. so much, in fact, that i feel like half of my blog has been dedicated to it.

but for whatever reason, this morning i was freshly aware of how kind God has been to us in the midst of this season. i'm starting to realize that the more you focus on the good, the more good you see. and i want to be one of those people. that sees the good, and is acutely aware of God's grace in the midst of any situation. and rejoices for it.

no matter how trivial some of them may seem.

so, today, right now, i am thankful for:

this cat. because this is what i'm looking at. and because he's not super clingy, but he needs to at least be in the same room with you, if not hanging out next to you (or, if not sleeping on my head, which has been his thing the past two nights). he definitely brings us a lot of joy.

these two men. because they are in my life, and make my life what it is. and i never want to take either of them for granted. and, because they are super cute.

for coffee. but i'm thankful for that, every day.

oh, and this purse. because i happened upon it on clearance last night at target. for $9. yes.

and, for this song (Oh Great God, Give Us Rest), because it refreshes my soul.

what are you thankful for today?



  1. H2O! Silly, but true. I can't go a day without 5-10 bottles of it. Am I addicted? And my tot of course...that I know I'm addicted to!!!

  2. I am thankful for God's provision in my life and His peace in the midst of my own chaos. I am so grateful for His daily mercies that are new every morning.


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