July 18, 2011

better after.

for this before&after, all credit is due to my incredibly crafty husband. he very graciously took the lead on this project (i fear the truth is, if it were left to me it would still be sitting on the floor). he even took these pictures for me.

here's a peek at the before:

this picture actually makes it look like it's in pretty good condition. but, it wasn't. it had a lot of potential, but it wasn't quite there, due to lots of dust, dings, scrapes & general old age. after a bit of washing, spray painting (our new favorite medium) & shattering, it now looks like this:

yes, i said shattering. in an effort to place the thin, old glass back in the frame, it shattered. it was a lovely surprise to find that it looks even better without the glass, letting the glossy print have a bit of the stage against the matte mat. 

well, there you have it. success.


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  1. Oh nice! I need to start looking for more frames at yard sales and what not and re-purposing them. Re the shattered glass - I did that last weekend to one of our big ones. Whoops.


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