July 13, 2011

lovely things.

today is just a few more tidbits to share. we've been getting lots done around the house and, now that we've been here almost a year, it's really starting to come together! hurray!

i've even got a little before/after project i'm working on, as well as pictures of our house for you to see. finally! and although it's not the best picture, here's a preview:

summer at our house is jazz music wandering through the house, evenings on the front porch and (finally) good food for dinner. i have to admit i had lost my motivation to cook much of anything for the past few weeks, but it's going better now, for sure. greek frittata and fresh french bread was on the menu last night:

and even without meat, my man liked it. win. you can get the recipe here. i only had half the amount of feta it calls for, and it turned out just fine. and as for the fresh bread? yes, i cheat, but you can't really beat this when it comes to convenience. and it's so good. :)

and finally, here's a sweet little boy meeting his shadow for the first time. and not quite sure how to handle it being so bright out.

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