August 8, 2011

dog days.

this past week, we had a special houseguest.

eames's sister came to stay with us, which proved to be a joyous occasion for the both of them. the best part about it was, even though they were separated at nine weeks (and they're now almost six months), they remembered each other. unlikely, you say?

well, sister pup is a shy, timid, somewhat-scaredy-cat. she's terrified of dogs and wary of most people upon meeting them. likewise (and by that i mean opposite), brother pup is thrilled and crazed at the thought of making a new friend (the number of legs makes no difference). but when they met, sniffed & looked, they were overjoyed and loving. in fact, eames was gentle. gentle is not usually a word used to characterize my dog, save with the baby. it was so sweet to watch the reunion.

and, after nearly seven days of playing, kissing, playing, sleeping, playing & playing, she's gone.

as i write this, my nearly-fifty-pound pup is resting at my feet (on my feet, really), looking rather forlorn. i have a feeling another reunion will be in order soon.

but for now, though the heat still thickens the summer air, in a way, i suppose our dog days really are over.

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  1. So cute! Eliot is kind of snappy with other dogs, so I think if he ran into one of his litter mates he would bite them in the face - go figure.


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