September 14, 2011

at last.

i bet you're saying, "oh, look who said she'd post more frequently and is just now getting around to it—a month later?"

to you, i say, "touché." but seriously, i have an excuse. because a few weeks ago, this happened:

yes, my beloved computer went kaput. it died well, though, and had a good run for sure. but this week, my amazing husband found a replacement. and here i am!

now that i have the whole internets at my fingertips, it's time i caught you up with a few pictures to illustrate our whirlwind lives of the past few weeks. we've been busy, but to be honest, a few pictures pretty much sums it up. ready? let's go.

we had to say goodbye to our dear, sweet puppy a few days ago. despite the look of this picture, he did not die—he is back at his foster home happily playing with lots of new dog friends. it was bittersweet, but we couldn't keep him due to a unwavering tendency towards food aggression.

C. was sad. but i think most of this grumpy face can be attributed to a few molars pushing their way into his sad little mouth. they're still pushing, making this face a bit of a normalcy around the house.

despite losing a puppy & those pesky molars, he isn't always sad. this face is also pretty normal. and might i add, this is a toddler. the baby is gone. :(

here is C. eating breakfast while watching his new favorite movie, Fiddler On the Roof. yes, this is his favorite. and yes, i love this child.

so, as you can see, things are just moving along in our little world, and C. is growing up faster than ever. we really love this little guy, and have been so overwhelmed by what a blessing he is to us.

i'll write again soon. i hope.


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