October 26, 2011

road bumps.

it's funny how things work sometimes.

i wrote yesterday that nick was doing well, and that we should probably be going home soon. well, the latter may still be the case, but the former isn't so much.

sometimes it's strange how quickly things change. we should be used to it by now, but watching the person you love most in this world suffer isn't something you easily grow accustomed to. in fact, i think it would be easier to try to walk through it personally than to sit idly by, feeling pretty useless.

it's in these times i struggle to stay in faith, and not become anxious. i tend to quickly think of the worst scenario and have a hard time not staying there. but that's not where i need to be, and thankfully in the midst of these times, i've been able remember that. how strange that in some of the darkest times are times full of peace as well.

'come, come,' he calls you, 'o soul oppressed and weary,
come to the shadows of my desert rest;
come walk with me far from life's noisy discords,
and peace will breathe like music in your breast.'
- from streams in the desert

please be praying for my man. he's had a long, hard road to get where he is now, and he needs rest. at times, it has seemed never-ending and hardly bearable. at least, it has seemed that way.

because, even still, he gives more grace (james 4:6).


  1. Ash -- I can't imagine what you and Nick are going through, but I'm praying for you both. I'm here for you...whatever you need. Love ya!


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