November 22, 2011

a hobby.

between the two of us, we have quite a few interests, talents and passions. however, our life these past two years has been pretty unyielding when it comes to allowing time for them and most have been put on hold. in this long season, i've learned that it's pretty important to have something to be able to do that can take your mind off of everything else for just a little while.

this summer, we found it. a way to spend time together, save money, and indulge ourselves with one of our mutual loves--a love of old, awesome books. and now, we're smitten with thrifting.

a dream of ours has been to fill our shelves with unique, old copies of old and new favorites alike. nick got me a second printing of the Lord of the Rings trilogy for christmas last year and they're perfect. but until this year, we thought purchases like that would have to be few and far between.

and then this guy came into our lives, just sitting on the top shelf of a nearby thrift store:

we were so excited, we started going regularly and have accumulated a pretty impressive collection for not much more [and usually less!] than one dollar each.

okay, so The Count was five dollars. but how could we pass this beauty up?

now for my personal favorite. because he is my hero. and, well, it's so pretty.

so, there it is. a window into our slightly-nerdy obsession. and maybe even an idea for a cheap and awesome christmas present for any other slighty-nerdy people on your list. :)

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