November 9, 2011

no news=good news (mostly).

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just wanted to post an update for all of the wonderful friends and family who have been caring and praying for our little family so faithfully. so i figured i should at least give an update that there isn't much to update you on, though you have missed a few things.

nick is recovering slowly, but well. however, he developed an infection that caused the left side of his face to swell for a few days, and is now on some pretty strong antibiotics to kill the infection that has spread to his sinuses. because he's on blood thinners, they need to test his clotting levels before they can operate. the test happens tomorrow, so hopefully we'll have an idea of what can be done. thankfully, for now, he's mostly comfortable.

i'm not sure if i've mentioned our super awesome houseguest yet. nick's "little" brother ben is staying with us for awhile to help out. we just found out he can stay a few weeks longer--we're so happy to have him!

he's pretty much just a taller, younger version of nick, which is pretty great. especially when stuff like this happens:

needless to say, it's been fun thus far. :)


  1. Love it. So glad things are starting to look up. Keep the posts coming...we love to hear how your little family is doing :)

  2. Still praying for Nick - a complete recovery is on my prayer list !!!

  3. Praying for you guys! Love the new hair cut. :)


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