December 28, 2011

a bit of reflection.

christmas is over. after weeks of preparing and decorating and anticipating, it's gone in a flash, just like years past.

but i'm not one to say goodbye so quickly. our tree is still up, and decorations still in place. they belong where they are until the new year, in my opinion. so now that the hubbub has died down a bit, we can enjoy the season's cheer with a bit less bustle.

our christmas was lovely. we were together, and i am still so grateful for it. i think i cling to christmas so tightly partly due to so many fond memories. of family christmas parties, karaoke and pepperoni. i long to make similar memories for my own family, and allow my children to look upon the holiday season with their hearts full with joy.

of course, parties and presents and fondness aren't the reason to celebrate, but for me, in my experience, it's such a wonderful opportunity to also be grateful for the many blessings that God has given us in each other, here on earth. and that we can share in the celebration of his birth, his death and our salvation, together.

and nerf guns from your daddy aren't too bad, either.


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  1. Christmas is still "up" at my house. :) I'm thinking about keeping the tree up until March because it looks cold and unfriendly outside (I am not a fan of winter), and my first 5 foot Christmas tree with lights makes me smile. Anything that makes me smile and feel thankful is something that can stay "up" any time of year I feel like it! :D LOL!



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