December 24, 2011

this christmas.

at this moment, i am thankful beyond words. to be sitting on this couch, with a sweet cat purring next to me, and my two loves sleeping in their rooms.

i am thankful to be home this christmas eve.

last night and this morning, nick's had another obstruction. just a few hours ago, i was trying to wrap my mind around spending christmas in the hospital. away from c., absent on christmas morning. missing him opening his gifts. i was full of sadness, not hope. questioning how God's plan for our lives could include a hospital stay on this special time of year. when my only christmas wish was for us to be home, together, to celebrate.

but then, this afternoon, it passed. despite my feelings of selfishness and dread, our prayers were answered. and my faithlessness made way for complete and utter thankfulness. nick is resting, and it looks like we're going to get to spend christmas together, in our peaceful little home:

and with this fresh awareness of our blessed little lives, i want to wish the merriest of christmases from our home, to yours. 


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