February 8, 2012

0001 project.

today is the day!
i've been anxiously awaiting the day to come for me to be able to share this with you all. today is the website launch of my very talented husband's new design project, 0001 project.

in an effort not to butcher the explanation of what fractals are and what 0001 project is all about, i'm going to quote him:
For years I’ve been fascinated by the correlations between math and nature; intrigued by the way that so many of the things that we find beautiful in the organic world are the result of simple ratios and equations. But in exploring fractals, I’ve found that this relationship often works in the other directions as well. Abstract and even randomized mathematics, when rendered visually, often produce forms that are alien and bizarre, but at the same time hauntingly familiar.
0001 project is an effort at exploring that concept. Through software, I’m able to generate extremely complex fractal equations, and then populate those equations with random sets of values, which are then rendered as two dimensional forms. It might sound kind of complicated, but essentially it allows me to visualize, move through, and explore these mathematical ‘spaces’. And similar to what it would be like to explore our universe, most of what is generated is sparse and uninteresting. But then then by moving through these spaces, I’ll occasionally stumble upon something that’s completely breathtaking.
Part of the joy of this kind of exploration is knowing that there is essentially an infinite amount of space to explore, and sights to find. So here at 0001 project, I’ll be rendering and posting a new discovery for each day of 2012. Hopefully others will find all of this as mesmerizing and enjoyable as I do.
you can buy both fine art prints and wallpapers on the site. please consider following this chronicle of design awesomeness with me throughout the year--it's such a hauntingly beautiful series, i know you won't regret it. i'm putting a button on the right sidebar so that you can find it easily. feel free to grab the button for your own site, and tell your friends!



  1. Nick...these are beautiful. I am going to buy your walpaper pack! Love you guys!

  2. Hi Lulu, I found you through the Mom Walk Challenge. This is really interesting! I'm a painter and have thought about this kind of theory with Jackson Pollack's work. Very cool, I'm looking forward to exploring the site. I'll pass it along to my husband too, he started www.turningart.com.


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