February 7, 2012

exercise. what's that again?

i've never been one to exercise. i mean it. i've tried to get into the habit a few times, and i've failed after a few days each time. nick is so great at carving time out of his day and diligently putting time into his health and body. and, well, like i said. i'm not.

i'm going to go ahead and draw a parallel between this and my general lack of discipline when it comes to life things. devotions. portion sizes. following through on goals. actually doing what's on all of those silly lists that i pretty much obsess over. i seem to have an inability to really follow through.

well, there's my soul-bearing for the day. my point is, i want to change that about myself. i know that i need to. for the sake of my health, husband & family. and, i know i can.
he gives more grace. - james 4:6
this verse reminds me that there is grace to change. i have no excuse, because if i call out to God, he will meet me. how's that for a reminder & a kick in the pants?

ok. now for the actual point of this post. a girl named mandy has a blog that i recently discovered, she breathes deeply, and has started a challenge for the month of february: the mom walk challenge. you can read all about it here.

i think this is exactly what i need. a bit of extra accountability coming by way of the interwebs. my hope is to get out and walk at least three days a week, for at least one mile each time. c. loves being in his stroller and being outdoors so much. i have no excuse. we need fresh air, and i need to be healthy.

i'm going to be logging my successes & my miles and posting them (or lack thereof) once a week. and, you don't have to be a mom to do this. just anyone that wants to get their booty moving.

will you join me?



  1. I'm the same way about big life changes. I can get all on board for a month or two, but then I slip into old habits. I'll check that blog out - right now I'm trying to do Couch to 5k on my treadmill 3 mornings a week before work. So far so good, we'll see :)

    1. good for you! i'd love to actually be active in the morning. haha. good luck, and keep me posted. :)

  2. Hey Ash...I am like you on the discipline thing. I am eating a little better, but haven't gotten my exercise plan going yet. I have some serious weight to loose and even though I am way more active with my new work schedule, I still want to step up a bit. I have to start getting up early to do it though...that's where the rubber meets the road. Miss you!!!

    1. well, if you want to track with me and keep each other accountable from 4958430594 miles away, i'm all for it! & i miss you too!


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