February 5, 2012

over it.

i'm finally feeling a bit more human.

it took much longer than i had anticipated or hoped it would. one to two days, they said. today is day four. but i'm not complaining. at least, not anymore.

now that i'm feeling more like myself again, i'm itching to jump back into the swing of things. but being contagious still is limiting my good intentions just a bit. i even have a list of things to share with you all, but for reasons of ill-timing and semi-quarantine, they're just going to have to wait.

instead, you just get me and my thoughts. i hope that's alright.

being sick is a helpless feeling, isn't it? i don't like it (not that that's unusual, but i'm freshly aware of my distain for it once i'm under the weather). i actually handled it pretty well, i think, to begin with. i was even thankful for a reason to get some much-needed rest. but as the days wore on, my patience wore thin. i started complaining and having a general dislike for my current situation.

how quickly my silly little world gets rocked.

thankfully, i have a best friend in my husband that is so kind to remind me and encourage me. what would i do without him? complain, probably.

oh, feeble little mind. when will you learn to trust in all circumstances?

i hope sooner than later.

but i am encouraged at another opportunity to grow in my trust. and in my joy. i feel like this season has been specifically tuned to that aspect of my heart. to live with joy. in the midst of trials. in the midst of blessing. in the midst of life.

because, it could always be worse. and today, it's not.

my little boy just got home from a four-day absense. now that's a reason to rejoice.

here's hoping you can find some joy in today, too. even if it's hard to see, it's there somewhere. <3


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