February 3, 2012

i hate my guts.


the norovirus has official hit our little home, and it's been pretty awful. i've been in bed for a day now. c. has been shipped off to uninfected territory. but i've had little tycho by my side the whole time.

he loves him momma. and i love him. even when he sleeps on my head.

so far, today is a little better. and for that i'm thankful.

i apologize for not getting any updates to you on nick. he is doing well. so well, in fact, that got home yesterday afternoon and has been taking care of me ever since (a great 'welcome home,' huh?). he even made me ginger tea from scratch. i'll try to get the recipe out of him to share with you all, because that was seriously the best tea i've ever had. i love that man. so much.

thank you all for your prayers, again.


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  1. ugh. Kinda glad we're not visiting after all. Feel better, OK! Lots of love and positive vibes heading your way! <3 <3


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