February 23, 2012

what i'm reading [all of it].

i've got a nasty cold this week. yes, another one.

maybe that's what's causing me to be so honest. whatever the reason, i'm going with it.

i love to read. i always have. there's something so magical about words strung together into life on a page. & how reading simple print can evoke some of the deepest, brightest emotions and imagination. i love to inhale the writings of those that went before me, and bask in the sights they cause my mind to perceive.

i also have a problem finishing them. for whatever reason, i have this weird sense of responsibility that kicks in when i'd be otherwise enthralled in the pages of an epic fantasy or soul-nourishing lesson.

myself tells me things like:
"you have so much to do. you should go fold the laundry."
"don't be lazy, there are so many things you could be doing right now. why don't you go plan meals for three months (even though you won't use them)."
"there's something on the floor. you should vacuum it. now." 
or, even:
"you're really going to start reading that now? you should be in bed." 
 these things are all important in their own time & place. but i don't even end up doing half of them, i get distracted and start pinning recipes on pinterest. or get lost in what i could be posting on my blog. you know, things that aren't really any different than reading, except they use less brainpower.

so allow me to show you all the books i'm currently "reading." go ahead, it's ok. you can laugh a little.

1. Snopes Family Trilogy  2. Streams in the Desert  3. Nourishing Traditions 4. Morning by Morning  5. Hidden Art of Homemaking  6. The Fellowship of the Ring  7. Redeeming Love  8. Till We Have Faces  9. Out of the Silent Planet 

that's it. (i know, i know). what's even worse about this list is, numbers 7, 8 & 9 are all re-reads. i want to know what possesses me to make me start re-reading books when i have 5 already going?

although, somehow in the midst of this i did manage to read all three hunger games books...

i have so many more on my list. on my shelves. that i want to read. my lovely sister-in-law, melissa, decided to reach out online to find reading accountability, and i'm going to join her. we'll see how it goes.

how about you? have you read any good books lately? because, i'm always up for suggestions. obviously.

my suggestions are: if you are a woman, read number 7. now. if you like greek mythology and amazingness, you need to read number 8. it's one of my favorite books of all time. i've read it numerous times already.



  1. I'll have to check out #7. As for my reading, it comes and goes. I get into big spurts and READ ALL THE TIME instead of doing practical things, and then I take a long break. I think it's so important though, and that you should read whatever you want. We need that time for ourselves for our mind and imagination.

  2. I laughed when I saw this post.
    Not because I thought it was ridiculous, but because I'm pretty sure you described myself.
    I think I am in the process of "reading" about 6 to 7 books!!!
    PS. #7 is a wonderful read. I highly recommend it, folks. :)


    1. i'm glad to know there's someone out there that can relate. maybe there's still hope for us yet. :)


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