March 30, 2012

birthday memories.

oh, how i love birthdays.

mine is tomorrow. usually, come march first, i'm a flurry of excitement & anticipating. but this year, i've barely thought about it. until now, really.

i'm not sure what exactly put me on to loving birthdays so much.

perhaps it was the birthday parties that caused favorite relatives to come from out of town to celebrate. and share in the enjoyment of the fresh spring air & strawberry cakes.

perhaps it was the fact that no matter what was going on. no matter what hardships that year had caused me to face, my birthday was a momentary reprieve. a fresh new year of life. to tackle whatever lay ahead.

but just perhaps, it was that first bunch of daffodils brought to me by my beloved grandfather on the day i was born. and then every year after. until he died.

it's funny how such a simple action can change the shape of a life.

i never go a birthday without thinking of him. of those daffodils that spoke a love that reached me to my core.

and i don't think i ever will.

now, i have new traditions to start. new chapters to explore. and while holding onto the past, i am able to embrace the future. for that, i am thankful.

but oh grampa, how i miss you.



  1. That is SO precious! What a wonderful memory! Happy Birthday!

  2. He was a wonderful man and had quite a green thumb. He was so proud of his gardens, but was so much prouder of his grandchildren.

    Happy Birthday Sash. I love you.

  3. i hope you have an incredible birthday!!! :)


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