March 29, 2012

diy: origami bird mobile

i finally finished the new mobile for c.'s room!

this is long overdue. let me show you why.

remember this?

 and remember the sweet, thankful baby enjoying his new bird friends? well, the baby is now a toddler. and this toddler did this to his friends.

like i said. long overdue.

i spent a long time trying to figure out what to replace the mobile with. i wanted something that i could do myself, but didn't want to just make a new version of the old one. was having a hard time finding something that was a little less "babyish" & that would instead age well with c.

thanks to pinterest, i found this. & then i found this. & then i found a stick in our front yard.

i think it turned out pretty great. 

of course, i had a great helper.

i think he likes it.

origami bird mobile
what you need
5-6 sheets large scrapbook paper, colors of your choice
a branch, dried out and cleaned off
twine of some sort (i used hemp jewelry twine)
ruler & pencil

what i did
1. since i wanted a lot of birds, i cut the scrapbook paper into four perfect squares (using the ruler & scissors). then, i followed this lovely tutorial to figure out what in the world i was doing. don't worry, after like the 7th, you start to get the hang of it. :)

2. once the birds are done, cut the branch and bind it in the way you want it. 

3. taking a pushpin, poke a hole in the top of each crane's back, large enough for your twine to fit through. feed the twine through each, tie it off, and cut about a foot up from there.

4. then, string each bird onto the branch, making sure to give enough space between. tie them on in alternating lengths.

5. finally, make sure all ties are tight, snip off excess twine. hang & enjoy!


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  1. OH my heavens, look AT that! I am in dreamland!


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