March 5, 2012

finally, an update.

i'm sorry for taking so long to post an update. thankfully, this is a case of silence being a somewhat of a good thing.

but again, we wait.

for those of you who don't know, nick's surgery went beautifully. the surgeon was optimistic and encouraged by how well it went. and that is such a relief.

however, this surgery caused a significant amount of pain. more than last time, even. we weren't expecting that, considering this was a two-hour surgery versus the eight-hour one. but he has endured well. and he has been improving every day.

today, he was moved up to solid foods (hurray!). we're hoping that this means that he will be able to come home in the next few days. we are ready to be together again. 

despite the waiting, we are so very grateful for this good, good news.


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  1. Solid food! YAY. Pizza day is coming soon. So glad to hear he's doing well. Love you all!


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