February 29, 2012

and just like that, it's here.

nick's long awaited surgery is schedule for tomorrow.

we just found out a couple of days ago. and now, it's right around the corner. it's a little overwhelming & scary, but even more exciting. this is it.

to think that this is the last step on such a long, hard road has left me a little dazed, to be honest. i don't know what to expect. but whatever will come in this new season, we will be able to handle it. with god's grace. of that. of only that. i am certain.

i'll be updating the blog as best i can on nick's status, and everything else. in the meantime, i covet your prayers for success in surgery, a quick recovery, & peace. for all of us.


p.s. this little face has had such a great time with his grandparents & aunts & uncle this past week. oh, how we've missed them.

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  1. I don't know the details of his health issues, but hopefully this will fix it all for y'all! Good thoughts!


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