March 10, 2012

kony 2012.

"where you live, shouldn't determine whether or not you live."

i finally watched it. my heart wrenches for these children. i listened to a BBC interview a few years ago from a former (escaped) LRA child soldier. i sat silently in the car. tears streaming down my face.

and then, my life went on. with infrequent thoughts of the horrors i heard on that wet, night road. i had all but forgotten the atrocities that were described in detail. i even saw the kony 2012 links for days before it registered.

and now, as i sit here, i can make a difference. in my prayers, as they are lifted up for the thousands of children that are alone tonight. for the thousands of parents that are empty. for justice. in my life, as it goes on, i can do something to affect the savagery that is taking place in these far-away parts of our world.

will you join me?


*note: there have been lots of different opinions circulating over this campaign and the people involved. i leave the decision ultimately up to you. but i would suggest that no organization will be perfect in every sense (not that i condone mis-management, if that is the case). and raising awareness of child soldiers is not a bad thing. ultimately, no matter the country, these men must be stopped.

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