March 20, 2012

on parenting & marriage.

this week's relationship series' topic is on parenting and marriage. i'm definitely no expert, but i've learned so much in these 22 months. and, as a warning, this is probably going to be a rather long post because, well, these are my two favorite people. 

almost two years ago, on a warm night in june, a moment took place that changed our lives forever.
 we met our sweet, sweet baby boy.

i don't think i will ever be able to adequately express the joy & absolute privilege it is to be the mother of this child. to know that God saw fit to bless us with this charming little soul still leaves me speechless. and after seeing the special purpose that this little man has had in our lives. the joy that he has brought in times of struggle & pain. well, it has left my heart so full that i feel it may burst.
the journey this far has been so full of learning & growing (and not much sleeping), but has proved to only strengthen our marriage. to see the complete love and care that nick shows to c., the patience and the gentle firmness, has caused me to fall even more in love with him. and to grow my respect to an even higher level.

to know that we have been entrusted with this beautiful little blend of us. together. has caused our love & our lives to become rooted even deeper in the lord and each other.

to have a common goal--the raising up of another human. training him in the way he should go. hoping we can have a positive impact on his life. praying that he will come to know the sweet sensation of salvation. i've found this to be an intimate & glorious relationship, when done in unity. we are together focused on the good of another.

but, for most of this little boy's life, we've been in a difficult season. and as both a wife & mother, i've had to choose more than once whether to care for my husband or my son.

i think this is where it's really broken it down for me. the importance of putting your husband first. and then your child. that might sound awful to you. and honestly, it sounds pretty awful to me when i put it down on paper  this blog.

but, i'm not saying that i've neglected our little boy. but i've learned that there is grace when you are called to be by your husband's side. this boy is the most unaffected little thing i've met. he has enjoyed countless hours spent playing with family & friends in the midst of surgeries and hospital stays. and sometimes, putting my husband first meant coming home to be with c. when my heart yearned not to be away from nick. so that nick could rest, knowing i was home caring for our little blessing.

what i'm trying to say, though probably not very gracefully, is that in order to love my son best, i need to love my husband best, first. we are in this together. we are one body. one life.

and together, we are trying desperately to give this little boy the best. the best life. the best example of what loving your spouse looks like.

really, we're just trying to give him best love that we have in our hearts to give him.



  1. Excellent post! And of course I love the pictures. C has such big hands for little boy! Made me chuckle and smile; such a sweetie!

  2. You all are an absolutely beautiful family!

    I completely agree with you. We love our husbands first and then our children and that is loving our children best (which, of course, looks different in different seasons). Your sweet boys is so blessed to have you as his mama!

  3. you're an awesome wife and mama! cannot believe C is going to be two soon.


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