March 19, 2012

spring has sprung. early.

"and then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils." - w. wordsworth
i love spring.

spring brings things like my birthday. the first bloom of the daffodils. the return of the robin's song. and this year, spring seems to have happened upon us without much notice at all. probably because half of us are waiting for our strange north carolina winter to rear it's ugly head. again. like it usually does.

and it might still.

but for now, the robins are singing. the daffodils are waking from their slumber. my birthday is coming. and this little guy got a new bike.

so, i'm embracing it.

and that means, spring cleaning has started. and spring organizing. and, well, spring-working-on-a-few-projects around the house that we just haven't had time to (surprising, right?).

last week, i was able to get out for a whole day with my lovely lindsey and peruse ikea. it was pretty glorious, to be honest. and after hoarding our christmas money, i was able to pick up a few things.

i'm excited to show you how they look, but i'm not quite done. hopefully soon, though. and with that i'll finally have part two of our house tour. and a few updates.

but, i can at least leave you with a glimpse of how c. is enjoying his new loot.

happy spring!



  1. Coen looks so grown up on his bike :) I love you guys!

  2. I saw this pic of C on his bike on FB last week and I had to tell Rachel Pannell because his cuteness nearly knocked me straight outta my wheelchair! Dear goodness!!!

    As soon as you started listing the things spring brings, I thought, "...and allergies!".


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