April 19, 2012

and still, there is grace.

how faithful our father is.

we have been on such a long journey these past few years. one full of trial, weakness, despair & sometimes even hopelessness. yet now, we adjust to this new season that has come upon us so quickly. a reprieve from the struggle of every day hardships.

and it's now, even more, i realize that oh, how much we have learned. how we have grown. been changed for the better.

this morning, i am freshly reminded of god's faithfulness. of the joy that i can feel seemingly deep in my bones. of the hope that i have in christ, & in this life.

what a unique sweetness i have felt in looking back over this hard time & seeing god's hand guiding us. holding us. seeing us through in ways our souls could only groan for in the moment. i have felt the presence & peace of a father that loves me so well. & i have seen with what seems like new eyes. the countless blessings that i have in my life. and how there are so many, many things that we don't deserve, & yet can call our own.

i know that there will come a time again when my heart is troubled. when i feel the fear & lack of joy creep in to my person.

but for today, there is grace.

and i'm learning that, when that moment comes, there is more grace still. when i try to succeed on my own, and fail, there is even more grace.

by god's grace, i'm beginning to understand my need for it. & that it is ever with me.

praying that you find rest in god's grace. today & every day.


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  1. Praise the Father above for this wisdom you have gained through all your trials, what a GIFT, because in James 1:2-5 He just tells us that these times come because we are not yet made complete, so when we do have suffering we can rest assured that we are growing and becoming complete.

    What a picture of your cat!!! Sweet


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